Friday Night Lights Presented by County Ford


County Ford in Graham, North Carolina, presents Friday Night Lights.

Here at County Ford, we understand the importance of maintaining athletic programs in schools. To support the funding of these activities, we offer our Friday Night Lights program.

Over the course of this program, County Ford has donated between 36,000 and 48,000 dollars to local athletic teams.

This promotion is an easy way for you to raise some money for all of your school's athletic teams. Armed with 12,000 dollars available for donation during each promotion, our dealership will attend various sporting events around Alamance County and distribute money accordingly.

Here's how Friday Night Lights can work for your school.

The program is simple. All your team has to do is host a Friday Night Lights event at a home game. County Ford will attend with:

  1. One of our vehicles
  2. Free t-shirts
  3. Money ready for donation

To earn the donations, you just have to score. Every time your team earns points, County Ford will donate money to your school.

Plus, you have an opportunity to earn BONUS POINTS - but don't tell your teachers.

You can earn these extra points by uploading a video to the County Ford Facebook page, demonstrating your school spirit and cheering or screaming (as a team) our favorite phrase, "County Ford gets it done!"

Participating Alamance County Schools: 

Cummings | East Alamance | Graham | Southern Alamance | Western Alamance | Walter Williams