County Ford | Satisfied Customers

When we say that our guiding principle at County Ford is quality customer service, it's not just a talking point. Whether you come in to purchase or lease a vehicle-or get your current car, truck, or SUV serviced-we want you to have a hassle-free, enjoyable experience.

Browse your gallery of pictures below to see the purse satisfaction of our customers. From a 2015 Ford Mustang to a 2013 Ford F150 to a 2006 Ford Taurus (just to name a few!), there's no doubting that we are doing our best to build positive relationships.

From right here in Graham, North Carolina, we are waiting for you to come find out how County Ford gets it done!

Mr Nikakhrar
Trevor Mann, 2010 Ford F-250
Coming Soon!
Mr Nikakhrar Judy Boone
Thompson Family, 2014 Dodge Caravans
Mr & Mrs Carlson, 2007 Lincoln Navigatorjpg
Mr Nikakhrar Judy Boone
Angela Jordan, 2011 Honda CR-Z
2015 Ford Fusion
Mr Nikakhrar Judy Boone
Mr Webste0r, 2014 Ford F150
Mr & Mrs Timmons, 2015 Ford Mustang
Mr Nikakhrar Judy Boone
Casey Frazier, 2013 Ford Fusion
Mr & Mrs Mcguckin, 2013 mini cooper
Mr Nikakhrar Judy Boone
2006 Tribeca
Mrs. Wrenn, 2013 Ford Edge
Mr Nikakhrar Judy Boone
Oct 25th, Winner of the Deals and Steals Sales free car give-away event. Mr. Nikakhrar, 2003 Ford Taurus
Oct 25th, Winner of the Deals and Steals Sales free car give-away event. Judy Boone, 2004 Ford Explorer.
Hoffmaster Family Rojas Family
Hoffmaster Family, Infinity G35.
Rojas Family, 2014 Ford F-150.
Mr and Mrs Deleot Mr and Mrs Moody
Mr. & Mrs. DeLeot, 2015 Explorer limited.
Mr. & Mrs. Moody, 2002 Ford Fusion Sport.
Hoffmaster Family Mr Allen
Mr. Holt, 2013 Mazda 3.
Mr. Allen, 2013 Ford Fusion. First new vehicle since 1982!!!
Hoffmaster Family Bolton Family
Mr. Herman, 2015 Ford F250. Special order!!!
Mrs. Corrin, 2013 Ford Focus.
Hoffmaster Family Bolton Family
Mr. & Mrs Flood, 2009 Nissan Altima.
Stone Family, 2003 Jeep Liberty.
Hoffmaster Family Bolton Family
2015 Ford Mustang, Mr. Cline bought for his son. First to hit Alamance!!
Mrs. Graves, 2013 ford focus.
Hoffmaster Family Bolton Family
Mrs. K.Williams, 2004 Toyota Avalon.
Mr. & Mrs. Ward, 2013 Ford Taurus Limited.
Hoffmaster Family Bolton Family
Mr & Mrs Collier, 2015 Ford F250.
Mr. Mcbane, 2010 Ford Transit Connect.
Hoffmaster Family Bolton Family
Jonathan Weaver, 2007 Ford F-250.
Kennedy Family, 2009 Ford Mustang.
Hoffmaster Family Bolton Family
Hoffmaster Family, Infinity G35.
Bolton Family, 2013 Chrysler 200.
Kelloway Family Mary Drye
Kelloway Family, 2015 Ford Explorer. Mary Drye, 2013 Ford Focus.
Mary Leslie Mr & Mrs Churns
Mary Leslie Engilsh, 2014 Ford Explorer. Mr & Mrs Churns, 2014 Ford F-150 Lariat.
Mr & Mrs Jungerman Mr Skiffinton
Mr & Mrs Jungerman, 2014 Ford Fusion. Mr Skiffinton, 2012 Ford Fusion.
Mr & Mrs Jensen Mr Turner
Mr & Mrs Jensen, 2014 Ford Mustang. Mr Turner ,2013 Ford Focus.
Mrs Holloway Mr Turner
Mrs Holloway, 2013 Ford Focus. Mrs Lake, 2014 Ford Escape.
Mrs Wade Mr Turner
Mrs Wade, 2013 Ford Explorer. The Gray Family, 2014 Ford Mustange.
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unknown Bradley Clark